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Introducing Candlescape: Candles That Look And Smell Yummy

Introducing Candlescape Candles That Look And Smell Yummy
Introducing Candlescape Candles That Look And Smell Yummy

Everyone knows the mental health benefits of candles. From calming the mind to creating a relaxing atmosphere, burning candles, specifically scented candles, is an easy way to enhance our wellness experience. However, that is not all. Candles are more than just a therapeutic tool. If you were to get aesthetically pleasing and decorative candles, you could use them as a piece of decor to liven up the interior as well. You can get exactly these kinds of candles at Candlescape’s candle store.

What Does Candlescape Offer?

Candlescape prides itself on not being your typical candle store. Here, candles are all hand-crafted with a purpose and intentionally designed to mimic foods, such as ice-creams, macaroons, bubble tea and cakes, to name a few. In fact, our candles look so deceivingly realistic that you may mistake them for actual food, though they should not be consumed. As a precaution, all our candles come with a “Do Not Eat” label to warn customers.

We understand that many people these days are concerned about the side effects of burning candles. This is why we have ensured that our candles are non-toxic and do not compromise health and safety. Soy wax comes with many advantages, and is the wax type we have chosen for our scented candles. Soy is not only sustainable and friendlier to the environment, but also contains zero artificial fragrances and dyes, allowing for a cleaner burn that is not harmful to our health. On top of that, our candles are made with 100% natural ingredients and come packaged in eco-friendly wrapping. As such, if you have plans to buy soy candles online in Singapore, you know where to turn to.

Take Part In Candlescape’s Workshops

For those who are crafty and would love to try their hand at making their own candles, Candlescape also carries out a wide range of candle-making classes in Singapore, in which you can customise your candles in any scent and design you like. Our Dessert Candle workshop and 3D Flower workshop enable you to create dessert candles and a 3D flower candle, respectively. You can even look forward to bonding with your colleagues at our Corporate Candle Making event or having fun with your kids in our Kids Candle workshop and Kids Birthday Candle workshop.

Background of Candlescape and Anaya Soul Retreat

Anaya Soul Retreat was born out of a passion from our founder, Annie Lin. As a KCCA-certified candle maker, Annie is exceptionally skilled in the world of candle-making and crafts unique candles that are available for purchase on Candlescape.

However, what makes Annie so well-known in her field is her Candle-Making Retreat, a part of our mind and body wellness retreats in Singapore. This retreat encourages participants to put themselves first and prioritise their physical, mental, and spiritual health through the acts of making candles. Think of this retreat as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of life. Other retreats we offer include Nature Magick, Kitchen Magick, and Aroma Magick. To learn more about our retreat programs, you can visit our webpage here.

Contact Us

While Candlescape operates primarily as an online candle store, you can also find us at our physical store, located on the first floor of Yue Hwa Building in Chinatown. We are open daily from 11am to 9pm. If you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to us at +65 8168 2577 or

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