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Anaya Soul Retreat


A little about our Founder


 Annie Lin is  well-known in the wellness industry and is also a founder of Anaya Retreat. She holds a KCCA certificate, Candle Making Business diploma, Meditation Teacher diploma as well as a Bachelor degree in Marketing.

Annie Lin, Retreat Founder

The Candle Making Retreat she created was very successful and fully booked before the pandemic.

Annie was also featured in a variety of social media postings and newspaper articles. Latest Annie was interviewed by Channel 8 Morning Express News and featured in #thejianhaotan #jebbeyfamily YouTube channel. With those success behind her, as Annie would like to benefit the community especially those who have recently lost their jobs or those under employed, she decided to expand into conducting classes on making candles so as to help these people start a home grown cottage business.

Annie believes that the fast growing candle making business globally will allow successful students to start an online home based business that is not just economically viable but the end product also provides consumers with calming mindful wellness in these pandemic times.

Anaya offers four uniquely different “Magicks” retreat programs

Nature Magick

Grasp the power of Nature

Harness the magical and healing power of Nature with Anaya through this retreat. Be introduced to the magicks of Nature. Learn to establish a sacred space for your wellness practice. Discover the tools that can enhance the potency of your practice, such as candles, herbs, and crystals. Create energy-infused oils and charms which can be imbued with energies for various blessings, such as wealth, luck, safety, and more. A grounding ritual will also be performed to remind participants to stay grateful for the blessings that Nature has provided.

Anaya Soul Retreat
Anaya Soul Retreat

Kitchen Magick

Wellness starts from the Kitchen

They say the Kitchen is the heart of the home. Invite magick into yours by exploring what the humble Kitchen can do for you. Learn to grow, store, and utilize herbs for your cooking and restorative needs. Get familiar with the healing properties of common Kitchen herbs and prepare various remedies such as herbal rubs, ointments and infusions.

Candle-making Magick

A perfect couple activity

Do away with synthetic chemicals and learn to make cleaning products from natural and organic kitchen ingredients that are safe for you and your family. From harvesting to preparation, the Kitchen Magick Retreat will walk you through various uses of the magical yet familiar ingredient.
Learn the basics of candle craft with wicks and waxes of various types as well as the safety precautions you need to keep your workspace safe. This retreat will engage all your senses and your creativity as you craft your own Korean-style floral pillar candles, wax diffusers, container candles, and wax melt as you blend colours and aromas to create your own masterpiece.

Anaya Soul Retreat
Anaya Soul Retreat

Aroma Magick

Creating Magick with Essential Oil

Create Magik with Essential Oil:  You’ll learn all the basic about essential oils, anatomy, massage theory and techniques.  You will create your own essentials oil personal care product and remedies for your own skin type.  Enjoy the massage session with your own creation and how to use various aroma spell to draw your intensions.

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