custom made scented candles

Custom-Made Scented Candles

Customise To Your Liking


Unable to find a scent or design that you prefer? Craft your very own scented soy



At Anaya, we are committed to introducing candles into your restorative wellness
journey. This is why we offer custom-made scented candles that are made from 100%

natural soy, containing no synthetics and chemicals.

Candle-making has never been easier, so take this opportunity to create your custom-

made scented soy candles in Singapore with Anaya.

Why Custom-Made Scented Candles?

Vanilla, lavender, and peppermint. All these scents can never go wrong and are usually
considered as one-size-fits-all. However, some people may want their scented candles to be extra special and emit a unique scent that suits their personality. Since candles aid in our wellness ritual and wellness is meant to be personalised to each individual, it makes sense that our scented candles are tailored to meet our needs.

What’s more, by putting in much thought and love into making your own scented soy candles, you are directly investing in yourself and indulging in your self-care. Our candle-making sessions are designed to be a form of meditation - calming the mind and allowing us to physically and spiritually connect with the earth. As such, you are getting more than just a personalised product at the end.

custom scented candles
custom made scented candles singapore

Benefits Of Custom-Made Soy Candles

For starters, soy candles are simply better for our health as soy is a clean alternative to other wax sources. Releasing zero toxins and pollutants into our atmosphere, soy candles make for a wonderful companion in our therapeutic practices as we can expose our lungs to fresh air while enhancing our well-being. Since a healthy environment equals a healthy mind and body, burning scented soy candles is the way to go.


In today’s overly-commercialised world, we know that customised products hold a special place in some hearts. Whether you are planning to have a custom-made candle to suit the interior of your home or is decorated with a colour that sparks joy in you, you are free to explore all possibilities. From the colour all the way to fragrance and decoration, your custom-made scented soy candle will surely turn out to be the only one in the world, not just in Singapore!

Reach Out

You can make your own custom-made scented soy candles by booking an appointment

for our workshops. Likewise, you can contact us at +65 81682577,, or drop a message on our website for more


Aside from our online shop, we can be found at 70 Eu Tong Sen St 059805 Yue Hwa
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