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How Candlescape Gives Back During The Holidays This Year

It's so important that we give back and make a difference in the lives of others.

As we all know by now, the Christmas season is more than just receiving gifts and getting together with family and friends. It is also a time for doing good and making a difference in the lives of others, especially those who’s under privileged . This is why Candlescape has decided to extend our charitable efforts this year, from contributing to the President’s Challenge to carrying out complimentary workshops for the more vulnerable in our society.

A Donation from a Generous Donor

As the light of the Christmas season gets closer, Candlescape was approached by a kind donor who donated 100 of our popular candle workshops for children and the elderly living with cancer or other critical illnesses. This is a wonderful gift idea as not only can they keep their candle as a form of a Christmas present, but also candle-making has long been considered a therapeutic activity that comes with many health benefits. From allowing them to express their creativity and individuality to improving their self-confidence, this workshop provides an opportunity for these children and the elderly to feel a sense of accomplishment despite facing disadvantages in their daily lives.

Providing a Candle Art Therapy Workshop on our own Accord

Considering that Candlescape has been asked to host 100 workshops, we decided to offer a contribution of our own and carry out another 100 workshops for individuals with special needs. As such, we have conducted up to 200 workshops during the Christmas season. This time, it is a candle art therapy workshop that is specifically designed to harness the power of art-making for emotional learning and social interaction.

Similar to the workshop mentioned above, this candle art therapy workshop helps promote relaxation in these special needs individuals and encourages them to express themselves and interact with others in a safe and nurturing environment.

Candlescape has gone above and beyond to ensure that all these workshops are conducted with the comfort and needs of our participants in mind. This is because our main objective throughout this charitable effort is to allow participants to experience a sense of calm and peacefulness while crafting their candles. We understand these individuals may require more time and help in their craft, which is why we offer an additional helping hand alongside hospital staff and healthcare workers.

Ending off 2022 on a Good Note

All in all, Candlescape is proud to announce that we have donated over 700 candles and carried out up to 500 workshops in the name of charity. In addition, we have donated more than $20,000 to various charities in Singapore throughout the year. While we are immensely proud of these accomplishments, we are aware that they are only made possible by the help of our consumers, who enabled Candlescape to expand our corporate social responsibilities.

Since 2022 is soon coming to an end, one of our goals is to do more good in the upcoming year and to make an even bigger impact on society through the art of candle-making. We want to spread the message that candles are more than just a decor piece to fill up our homes with pleasant scents. They can also be a form of self-care and, when crafted, provide an opportunity for creative play and cognitive stimulation.


If you are from a hospital or work in a charitable organization in Singapore and would like to do something good for these special individuals this Christmas season, you can contact us at +6581682577 or to arrange a candle workshop. Candlescape is giving out 200 make-your-own candle workshops in Singapore, and the slots are filling up fast, so don’t miss the chance!

We also offer our usual workshops here, each of them catering to different audiences. For instance, our Kids Candle Workshop is specially designed for children, whereas our Corporate Candle Making Event will make a suitable activity for work Christmas parties.

Likewise, you can shop for Christmas-scented candles and other products in our online candle shop in Singapore. This year, we have the 3D Christmas Flower Diffuser and Christmas Snowman Candle that will make for the ideal gifts for your loved ones.

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