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How Candlescape Contributed To The 2022 President's Challenge

As you all should know by now, Candlescape is more than just an online candle shop in Singapore. Aside from offering 100% authentic and high-quality soy candles, we strive to do something good not only for the environment but for our society as well. Even though we ultimately plan on creating a larger impact that can benefit the entire world, we all have to start small somewhere, which is why we have decided to contribute to a local charity right here in Singapore.

Details About the Istana Open House

On 24th October 2022, Candlescape had the amazing opportunity to host a Candle-making booth during the Istana Open House, which corresponded with the celebration of Deepavali. The event supports the President’s Challenge, an annual charitable effort in Singapore. Fittingly, our President, Madam Halimah Yacob, and her husband, Mr Mohammed, were the guests of honour, and Candlescape had the honour of teaching them to craft a one-of-a-kind red and white Merlion candle. 100% soy-based, of course.

Details About the Istana Open House

Aside from how fun it was to celebrate Deepavali alongside many volunteers and teach the art of candle-making to visitors, the event was mainly a meaningful experience for Candlescape, especially when we donated our profits for the day to the President's Challenge. This is one of the few ways we give back to society and how we advance our social responsibility efforts.

Crafting a Candle that Represents Singapore

Crafting a Candle that Represents Singapore

The red and white Merlion candle, designed specifically for the Istana Open House, is a different take on one of Candlescape's best-sellers, the Merlion Candle, which is particularly popular among tourists. As expected, the candle is decked out in red and white to represent the Singapore flag. This should not come as a surprise since the Merlion is arguably our little red dot's most defining brand symbol. Therefore, we were wondering if there was no better-suited candle than a Merlion one to mark the occasion.

What is the President’s Challenge?

The President's Challenge is essentially a charitable campaign that takes place each year and seeks to improve the lives of the less fortunate in Singapore. As its name suggests, the President's Challenge is termed in such a way as the beneficiaries are hand-picked by the President's Office. While former President S R Nathan initially started out the President's Challenge to operate purely as a fundraiser, the charity expanded to include volunteerism and social entrepreneurship under the leadership of former President Tony Tan.

In 2018, President Halimah Yacob established the Empowering for Life Fund (ELF), which helps vulnerable and marginalised groups to reintegrate into society through skills upgrading, employment opportunities, training, and many more.

Due to the incredible work that the President’s Challenge has done for locals, we at Candlescape are more than delighted and willing to contribute our fair share to make Singapore a better place for all. In this case, using the power of candle-making to make a difference.

More about Candlescape

Candlescape is the brainchild of founder, Annie Lin. Armed with a passion for providing healthy scented candles that improve people’s quality of life, we offer a wide variety of products, in addition to hosting local wellness retreats in Singapore that are designed with our consumers in mind. We take this a step further by allowing individuals to craft a candle from scratch with our make-your-own candle workshop in Singapore.

If you are interested in these workshops or would like to know more about our candles, feel free to contact us at, +6581682577, or drop us a message here.

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