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100% Vegetable Pillar Candle Wax developed & manufactured by Candleworks.
Launched CW New Soy Wax PB, the soy wax with a glossy surface and little frosting.


SKU: 126351351935
  • Perfect substitution of Ecosoya PB, and has been tested for production by applying various techniques.
    It is 100% vegetable wax and is hard type, suitable for making silicone molds, pillar candles using PC molds, taper candles and votive candles.

    This product complements the frosting phenomenon that makes the candle surface white, so you can keep the color of the candle surface vivid.
    It is recommended to use UV Light Absorber Block together to prevent discoloration by light.

    Hard and dense wax that can be used for a long time without collapse when making taper candles and pillar candles even with small diameters.
    Strongly recommended for those who want to make a candle more perfectly.

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