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We are proud to present our newest, custom set of holiday décor: the 3D flower Christmas Candle and Snowman Candle. Our 3D flower Christmas Candle is perfect for adding some beauty to any room as an accent piece, while our snowman candle can be lit at the appropriate time to give your house that cozy feel we all associate with Christmas. This two-piece set will make all of your guests feel right at home, and will help you create that warm, cozy atmosphere

Our "Snowman Candle" is a perfect gift for family, friends or loved ones. It's especially designed for the Christmas season with a special selected "Christmas Hearth" scent. This festive candle will bring warmth and joy to your home's atmosphere.


3D Flower Diffuser and Snowman Christmas Gift Set with special Christmas Hearth Scent. We take art and create pieces of art for you. All items are hand made and come in Christmas gift wrapping. They are UNIQUE and no two alike. Please note the 3D Flower will be similar to the picture and will NOT be exactly the same.

3D Flower Diffuser and Snowman Gift Set

  • Our candles are made by all-natural soy candle wax with cotton wicks.  All of our candle fragrances are phthalate-free and adhere to RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity.


  • Please indicate your Name,  Shipping address and Contact Phone number for shipping.  Please expect 3-5 days delivery time.

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