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Want To Have A Good Night's Sleep? Use These Scents

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Insomnia is and will never be a fun experience. Having to constantly toss and turn in your bed and not being able to catch a good night’s sleep can negatively impact your quality of life. In such cases, you should seek ways to create a suitable sleep environment, one that allows you to feel relaxed and promotes the production of melatonin in your body. Some of the common ways are to diminish light exposure and reduce noise levels. However, if you find that these methods are not effective enough, you can consider the next best thing – Candle Wax diffuser.

Candle wax diffuser is infused with fragrance oil and has been recognised as a legitimate method for aiding sleep. Studies have shown that scents can help to quieten our thoughts and relieve stress - exactly what busy city-goers like us have to indulge in every now and then. Depending on the scents you choose, some scented candles or fragrance oils also have the ability to alleviate sore muscles and put our bodies to rest.

We want to help you in catching up on your much-needed sleep, so here are some scents you can burn to get your tickets to dreamland.

1. French Lavender

When it comes to soothing scents, we cannot not mention lavender, specifically french lavender. Aside from how beautiful its flowers look, french lavender has been praised by doctors and sleep specialists alike for its sleep-inducing properties. In fact, it is now common knowledge that lavender is a highly effective scent in setting a tranquil mood and helping us to combat fatigue, depression, anxiety, and other negative feelings.

Try Candlescape’s French Lavender Candle: Candlescape’s French Lavender scented candle does more than put you to sleep. We have specially crafted this earthy and vibrant fragrance to drift you off to Provence, France, where you are surrounded by picturesque rolling hills and fields of gorgeous flowers. We can assure you that going to sleep has never been easier with this candle.

2. Jasmine

Similar to lavender, jasmine cannot be left out of the topic of aromatherapy. Jasmine takes one step further by being a natural aphrodisiac and sedative due to it containing various flowering and spice plants that possess calming properties. Through scientific research, jasmine’s relaxation effects are attributed to its scent, which stimulates a particular chemical in our brain and central nervous system that directly soothes our nerves. This indicates that burning a jasmine-scented candle can boost sleep health almost instantaneously.

Try Candlescape’s Figuer Candle: Our Figuer candle combines the best of both worlds - a delightfully floral scent with warm, muskier fragrances. The top notes consist of fig, bergamot and Bulgarian rose, middle notes of fig wood green leaves, jasmine, vanilla and milky soap, and the base notes of sandalwood, vetiver and musk. The scents - bergamot, sandalwood, and vanilla - are also sedatives in their own right, so a deep sleep is guaranteed while burning our candle.

3. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is undoubtedly one of the best natural cures for insomnia. This is because of its chemical compounds - a-pinene, b-pinene and limonene - which have been found to increase blood flow to the brain and soothe the mind. For the latter, this means relieving the tension of overthinking and allowing you to feel more at present. Eucalyptus is also wonderful for those suffering from sinus and is thus unable to sleep well. Its minty sensation helps loosen mucus and prevent coughing.

Try Candlescape’s Candle for Energy: Our Candle for Energy was specially crafted to mimic a spa-like experience in your home. As such, you can guess that the candle is especially effective in promoting relaxation and setting a sleep-inducing environment. We further added peppermint and cedarwood, two other popular scents for enhancing sleep quality, to increase the production of melatonin in the brain and detoxify the body from illnesses or toxins.

4. Orange or Any Citruses

Last but not least, this depends on the individual themselves. While some people may find oranges or any citrus-based scents to be energising and more suited for the mornings, others may be inclined to fresh fragrances to make them fall asleep easily. There are no right or wrong types of scent to treat insomnia. As long as you find a scent that is too stimulating, you should avoid burning them in order to lull yourself to sleep.

Try Candlescape’s Candle for Abundance: Love the scent of oranges? Our Candle for Abundance features sweet and delicate Orange Blossom to release any pressure from the mind and body, enabling you to get that high-quality sleep that is much deserved. With top notes of petitgrain and bergamot, middle notes of neroli and jasmine, and a base note of sandalwood, this candle is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom.


The above-mentioned candles are available for purchase at our candle shop - Candlescape. With Candlescape, you can buy soy candles online in Singapore with ease and confidence. All our candles are crafted with 100% natural soy bean wax, so no artificial chemicals are used. Soy candles are ultimately better for sleep as they do not release toxins and pollutants into the air, which can have adverse effects on your health. In addition, as soy candles burn slower and more evenly, you can indulge in longer and more restful sleep. You can also attend our make-your-own candle classes in Singapore if you are looking to create a personalised candle.

Need something more potent than just burning scented candles? You can treat yourself to local wellness retreats in Singapore with Anaya Soul Retreat. These retreats allow you to take a short break from the hectic world and feel more refreshed. To find out more, you can reach out to us here.

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