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Burn Candlescape’s New Candle Scents For Your Next Aromatherapy Session

Burn Candlescape’s New Candle Scents For Your Next Aromatherapy Session

We all need calmness in our lives right now. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has become more tense, and everyone is struggling to get by daily. As many of us focus on climbing the ladder and remaining in the rat race, we can sometimes forget to take a breather. If you are taking steps to show yourself more love, aromatherapy is an effective and easy way to get started. Aromatherapy works by stimulating our smell receptors and activating our limbic system, which is part of the brain that controls our emotions.

Contrary to popular belief, aromatherapy has been around for ages, widely regarded by holistic health practitioners as a natural treatment to promote better well-being. In this article, we look at some of the best scents to ease stress and anxiety, so that you can have a good idea of what scented candles to look out for.

1. Peach Blossoms

When you think of peach blossoms, you think of femininity, delicateness, and sweetness. Fortunately, these are precisely what you get when you take in the scent of peach blossoms. Some people have described the scent as honey-like, with soft floral and fruity notes combined. As such, it should come as no surprise that you will feel instantly soothed and refreshed when burning a peach blossom candle, as if you are in a garden surrounded by blooming flowers and fresh fruits everywhere.

Try our Heavenly Peach Candle: Perfect for both day and night, Candlescape’s Heavenly Peach Candle is meant to put you at ease, which is especially important in today’s fast-paced environment. Light this candle to take a breather and calm your senses. We can assure you the scent is like nothing else and will fill the room with an unforgettable yet captivating aroma.

2. French Lavender

Not only does the French Lavender flower look beautiful, but it also possesses a distinctive scent and a number of health benefits. In fact, scientific studies have proven that the aroma of French Lavender can help to alleviate anxiety and depression, lift moods, and even lower blood pressure in some people. This makes sense, considering that French Lavender is one of the most popular aromatherapy oils on the market, renowned for its relaxing effects on our minds and bodies.

Try our French Lavender Candle: Can’t travel at the moment? No worries, as you can look forward to being transported to Provence, France, by lighting our French Lavender Candle. Eco-friendly and made of natural lavender flowers, this vibrant and earthy candle allows you to heal your soul in a world where all your worries are temporarily gone, time moves slower, and work is at the back of your mind.

3. Peony

Peony generally symbolises love, good luck, and honour, making them a popular flower among brides or whoever intends to celebrate a romantic event. Since aromatherapy sessions are a form of self-love, why not treat yourself to the alluring scent of peonies? Doing so can also expose you to healing and therapeutic benefits, such as calming the mind, improving memory and cognitive performance, and relieving stress and poor mental health conditions.

Try our Peony Candle: Our Peony Candle is designed to be one-of-a-kind, delivering a blend of fresh and fruity scents with a tinge of sensual and woody aromas. While the scent will remind you of a fresh spring day, you can also leave feeling sexy and confident - ideal for getting ready for a night out or during a self-care evening to feel like yourself again.

4. English Pear

Let’s face it. Pear is one of the most underrated fragrances. When compared to other fruity scents like raspberry and apple, pear does not receive the attention it deserves. It is truly a pity as the scent of pears is both appetising and refreshing, made possible largely due to its crisp and juicy notes. And if you opt for English Pears, that is even better, as you can now imagine yourself in the peaceful English countryside, away from all the noise and pressure of everyday life.

Try our English Pear Candle: The English countryside has been the birthplace of many iconic perfumes, so we have decided to create a candle that pays homage to this picturesque place. Crafted with ripe pears, white freesias, our English Pear Candle mellows the autumn mood and entices you to sit back, take in the scent, and loosen up every once in a while.

5. Crystals

Yes, we are aware that crystal is not a scent, but hear us out. Crystal-infused candles are known for their healing properties, and depending on which crystal you get your hands on, they can bring out positive qualities in you. For example, rose quartz crystals are synonymous with unconditional love, whereas citrine can help you achieve wealth, abundance, and success in life. As such, if you want to take your aromatherapy session up a notch, we recommend burning a crystal-infused candle to receive additional benefits.

Try our Limited Edition Crystal Candle: Manifest good things in your life by harnessing the power of our hand-poured crystal candles. Crystals are already strong vibrational gems on their own, but their powers are enhanced when infused with a candle. Feel free to play around with your desired scents as you choose a crystal of your liking. For those who enjoy some mystery and want to know what the universe is telling you, you can select our Secret Crystal Candle, which will reveal the crystal once you have burned the candle to its core.


You can rest assured that all scented candles available at Candlescape are entirely vegan, made with 100% natural ingredients, and sustainable. We even went a step further to ensure all our products are well-packaged, so if you are looking to purchase scented candles for gifts in Singapore, Candlescape has got you covered. Otherwise, you can tap into your creative and crafty side by signing up for our candle-making class in Singapore. You can book a session here.

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