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4 Romantic Scents To Set The Mood And Are Perfect For Dates

Candlelight has always been a staple in establishing romance in the air, so look forward to hitting two birds with one stone by lighting a scented candle. As your date night is illuminated with the soft glow of the flickering candle, you and your partner can bask in the warmth and sensuality of nice-smelling fragrances to spark passion.

Getting your hands on romantic scents does not have to be solely reserved for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are simply preparing for a night out or having an intimate dinner in the comfort of your own home, burning the right scents can surely get you and your significant other in the mood.

As such, listed below are some scents that are famous aphrodisiacs.

1. Vetiver

Vetiver is one of the most well-known scents that is associated with sensuality. This can be attributed to its deep, smoky, and woody fragrance notes that give off a grounding sultriness. At the same time, these notes may be what causes some people to associate vetiver as a fragrance for men. Regardless, studies have proven that vetiver stimulates sexual attraction and even eliminates anxiety, which is an important point considering that many of us can feel nervous during dates.

Try Candlescape’s Candle for Calming: With this in mind, our Candle for Calming is appropriately named as vetiver is the primary ingredient featured in this candle. Vetiver also boasts other stress-relieving properties, such as energising the brain, stabilising emotions, and boosting self-confidence, all of which are highly useful when preparing for a memorable date.

2. Rose

Of course, what is romance without roses? This scent may be too mainstream for those who are looking for something more unique, but there are some people who cherish traditionalism and relish the symbolism behind roses. Aside from it being a quintessential scent related to passion, roses are sacred to the two goddesses of love - Aphrodite and Venus - in the Greek and Roman mythologies. Rose fragrance will never go out of style and will always be a no-fail formula.

Try Candlescape’s Candle for Love: Embrace romance and create the ideal cosy atmosphere in your home with our rose-based Candle for Love. Happiness, optimism, love, and desire are all feelings you and your partner can expect to experience while burning this candle.

3. Ylang-ylang

For a more modernised take, ylang-ylang has risen to become an increasingly popular scent to ignite sensuality and seductiveness. Ylang-ylang trees are native to the lands of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines, and can now be found growing in countries like Madagascar, Polynesia, and Micronesia. The reason why many people are attracted to the scent of ylang-ylang is due to its hypnotizingly sweet notes that both entice our emotions and lower blood pressure. By inhaling its aroma, we can feel more relaxed and cosy - ready for an intimate night with our loved one.

Try Candlescape’s Ylang-ylang Candle: We have crafted our Ylang-ylang candle to captivate both men and women. Formulated with other notes - Warm Amber, Patchouli, Rose Petals White Musk, Sandalwood, and Mossy - this candle provides warmth to any environment and helps soothe nerves.

4. Vanilla

There is something overly sentimental and adorable about human’s appeal to vanilla. Compared to other scents that are scientifically backed for their sensual-inducing properties, vanilla has a psychological effect on our brains - one that is based on our childhood memories, in fact. We feel instantly secure and comforted when inhaling the scent of vanilla as it subconsciously triggers our minds to think of baked goods, comfort foods, and welcoming kitchens. Essentially, the scent of vanilla makes us feel vulnerable, allowing us to disclose our feelings more.

Try Candlescape’s Black Raspberry and Vanilla Candle: Our Black Raspberry and Vanilla candle promises an extra vanilla-y fragrance to evoke aphrodisiac reactions in you and your partner. The fragrance of black raspberry is truly one-of-a-kind, as the top notes are refreshingly fruity while the middle and base notes are spicy and musky.


The next time you are planning to capture the heart of your special someone, keep in mind to burn these candle scents to inspire love and attraction. You can also purchase these scented candles for gifts in Singapore, either for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or simply a noteworthy occasion that is dear to you and your significant other.

Likewise, for those with a crafty hand and who want to create something more personalised, you can attend one of our candle-making classes in Singapore. From the scents right down to the design, making your own candles has never been easier. For more information or to book a workshop session, visit our website here.

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