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4 Occasions To Include Candles In Your Self-Care Routine

Self-care has never been more important, especially as we live in a fast-paced city like Singapore. In fact, Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the most overworked cities in the world, indicating that people here are not getting enough rest for their physical and mental health. The thing is, self-care is not a fancy word. It is essentially just another term for loving ourselves, through the acts of taking care of our body, state of mind, and soul. Putting ourselves first does not have to be complicated. From pampering ourselves with massages to being more mindful of the foods we consume, self-care is so simple that you can sneak it in during work or school.

However, if you want to take your self-care routine to the next level, incorporating candles is a fuss-free and easily accessible method. It is common knowledge that candles come with many health benefits. Hence, here are some occasions where you can use candles to enhance your self-care experience.

1. Bath or Hot Shower

We can all agree that there is no better feeling in the world than soaking in a warm bath after a long day at work. For those who do not own a bathtub at home, taking a hot shower also does the trick. Dermatologists have found that hot water is one of the most effective ways to heal our bodies due to passive heating, a traditional therapy method to promote our health and well-being. As you relax under the warm water, your skin will respond by releasing endorphins, the chemical that makes us feel happy and less worried.

The next time you take a hot bath, remember to take out a candle or two and bask in the soft, crackling sound of the candle burning.

2. Yoga and Meditation

Fortunately, more and more people in Singapore are showing interest in yoga or meditation practices to improve their work-life balance. If you regularly visit yoga studios, you may find that some have placed candles throughout their space and light them during classes and sessions. The reason they do this is that our brains unconsciously associate candles with warmth and tranquillity. As we surround ourselves with candles, our nerves are instantly calmer, allowing our bodies to be stronger and more balanced during our wellness activities.

Scented candles are what we recommend as you can include aromatherapy into your meditation practices. The right scents can not only promote a restorative practice, but also centre you to make you feel more grounded.

3. Tidying up the house

While some people may find cleaning up the house a chore, others find it therapeutic and an effective technique to release stress and other negative emotions. If you belong to the latter group, the good news is that you can hit two birds with one stone. As you treat yourself to me time, you can declutter your home and organise your belongings at the same time. What many people are not aware of is that our physical space can highly influence our mental health. Imagine if you were to live in a crowded and untidy home. Your anxiety levels will no doubt increase.

As such, it is recommended to clean your house every once a month as a way to reset your life as well. Take this opportunity to burn a clean-smelling and non-toxic candle to put your mind at ease and boost productivity.

4. Other Self-Care Activities

Self-care does not have to be limited to the ones mentioned above. To be honest, there is no right or wrong way to care for yourself. As long as an activity makes you feel pampered and relaxed, that can be considered your self-care routine. Common self-care examples include reading a book, painting your nails, and preparing yourself a cup of tea. In these activities, you can feel free to light a scented candle to boost mental wellness and create a soothing ambience.


Everyone deserves to pamper themselves every once in a while. Self-care rituals are not just about looking after ourselves, but also boosting our positive feelings and energies. If you think that a friend or loved one needs to start tending to their own needs, why not gift them a candle to spur their wellness journey?

Whether on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or their respective birthdays, you can consider giving candles as a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Aside from being gender-friendly, scented candles provoke a sense of smell, which is directly connected to our memories and emotions. Therefore, your loved ones will surely remember this special moment as they light their candle.

If you want to purchase scented candles for gifts in Singapore, Anaya Soul is who you should go to. At our candle shop – Candlescape, we take pride in our soy candles, which are 100% natural and contain no synthetic chemicals. We believe that lighting candles should not harm the quality of air around you. Therefore, we have specifically selected soy as our wax choice as it is healthier for our environment and health. In addition, we provide mind and body wellness retreats in Singapore for you to unplug from the hectic world.

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